Post November 4: For We Are Not Given A Spirit of Fear

It’s now a couple of days after the November 4th protest. On Saturday, I looked to see what actually happened and it seems the day has been filled with peaceful protests in various cities. That is correct. In spite of the infamous rumor mill, our government has not been overthrown or President Trump forced out of office.

Why am I writing about this seeming non-event? On October 27th, I wrote an article called “Thoughts and Prayer Strategies for the November 4 Protest“. I had previously received words that a violent protest is being scheduled for that Saturday. I did some research on the upcoming series of protests scheduled for that day. The potential for trouble was real.

I felt a need to encourage prayers; as opposed to reacting in fear or anger. I don’t regret praying for God’s help in a potentially violent situation or writing the article. It has never been my goal to alarm my readers or play the fear game. Such methods do not help anyone.  In such cases, it is best to pray and ask God, the Father to intervene.

I’d say prayers were answered. For one, I didn’t hear a peep out of Fox News or  CNN. If the protests has been violent or destructive then these guys would have covered it. I did some digging and found a few articles on the so-called massive protests. ‘Antifa Civil War’ on November 4 Was Really Just a Few Protests Against Trump’ is from Newsweek.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the event was relatively quiet. Only two people got arrested and it seems the  police did a good job of handling the situation. Here is a link to the article. It’s called “Anti and pro-Trump protesters face off in downtown L.A. rally“. It seems the city council learned their lessons and took precautions. I suspect the other protests had similar results.

Read 2 Timothy 1:7

As Christians, we are not supposed to live in fear of what may come. If we are living in fear then we are of no help to anyone.  At the same time, we are not supposed to be agreeing with the messengers of fear.  What do I mean by agreeing with fear?

For one, you can choose to believe the propaganda put out by both sides. If so, your fear will control your perceptions of what is happening and how you choose to react.  If you think there is a lion outside then you will not go outside and see there is no lion.  On the other hand, your fear could prompt you to do something that is stupid.

Secondly, you will only be giving strength and encouragement to the ones spreading the message of fear. Is there a difference between this point and my earlier article?  Yes, there is a difference. When my friend first mentioned the upcoming marches on November 4th; it is done in a spirit of encouraging his readers to pray into the situation.

I wrote my article in a similar fashion. Those marches could have gone in so many nasty directions. This is a fact amply demonstrated in American history.  It’s why I encouraged prayers for the police and the people involved in the protests and counter protests. I did not want anyone to get hurt or the overreacting of those in authority.

Read 1 Corinthians 3:9

If you have a relationship with God, the Father through Jesus then you will be surprised at how much God cares about you and your concerns. Do you ever consider the possibility that Jesus wants to work with you in the work God has called you  into.

It all begins with prayers and followed up with actions. Such actions are not always physical. They can involve ‘declarations’, petitioning God to send his messengers to stop certain action and the granting of wisdom to civil authorities.

If you are new to the ideas of asking Jesus to do something then I’d encourage you to start small. I did not start out with the ideas of declaring anything. If you had mentioned the idea of giving orders to angels then I’d say you were nuts! Fact is, I couldn’t pray for more than two minutes.

Read Romans 8:26

Don’t even think of asking me to do a “Hail Mary”. I never knew it or could get it. Oddly enough, prayer is nothing more than a conversation with God. Here is the best part. It’s okay to ask Jesus to help you with praying. How can I be so sure? There has been times when I did not know what to pray or I simply could not say anything. I simply asked the Holy Spirit to help me in my prayers.

Guess what? The Holy Spirit came through with flying colors. In one situation, I was emotionally upset and I could not pray. I asked Jesus for help and I felt immense peace in the following morning. Jesus can do the same thing for you.

Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, Christians can come boldly before the throne of grace and talk to God,  the Father. Of course, our requests should be done in a spirit of humility, respect and sincerity. Pride will get you, nowhere. It is okay to ask Jesus for help with this! After all, we can only come to the Father through Jesus, the Son of God.

Because I believe in a loving Father, it is easy to write an article encouraging prayers. I’m also not a fan of pointing a finger of judgement at the various protesters. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood; rather it is a spiritual foe that we fight (Ephesians 6:12-13). Of course, this foe works through human beings on both sides.

Yes, the November 4th protests are done and everything seems quiet. However, we still need to keep praying for this country.  Keep your eyes trained on God and seek guidance from God, alone. Let’s not get tossed about by the waves of the social media. I suggest applying 1 John 4:1 to what you’re seeing on the various social media platform. HINT: Check your sources!

Let’s pray for the news media; as opposed to complaining about it. For me, I have found it helpful to check both Fox News and CNN. In doing so, you’ll get a more balanced news story.

I will say the same thing for the U.S. Government. Let’s not get carried away with the fear mongering; rather, we should stand against it. I am talking about the toxic political spirit reigning in Washington DC. Does this mean that I agree with everything coming out of President Trump’s mouth? No, I don’t and we’re not called to blindly agree with either parties. Rather, we’re called to agree with Jesus.

I hope this article is helping you to see through the sea of negativity filling the airwaves, these days.  There is no reasons to look and be dismayed at what we hear. Rather, we can take positive steps to effect changes and it is done through persistent prayers.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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