What is Inspiration Point?

For years, I have been a writer, who is struggling to find his voice. Though I have written a few computer related articles for an online magazine; technology was never my real passion. As a writer, you are always looking for the thing that captivates your heart and you could easily spend time on that topic.   For me, computers were merely tools to helping my writing endeavors.

Some people have suggested that disability is my passion. Really? Yes, I was born with physical disabilities and I’ve gone through the public school system in the 70s and 80s.  However, my passion never centered on disability-related issues; although I  have done some disability-related activities.  Yet, there is an irony to be found in this suggestion.

If you read my book, then you will discover that I suffered from depression and a fear of rejection.  I talked about the circumstances that lead to these painful afflictions.  However, I have also experienced a great deal of healing over the course of time. My real passion is to help people, who are hurting like I have.

Guess what? They are not all people with physical or mental disabilities.  They could look perfectly healthy and they could easily be suffering from depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, rejection and so forth.  In 2010, I created Inspiration Point with the goal of sharing my writings and to help others.

At first, my vision for this blog site was not very clear.  I was still in need of healing and I sought to share some of my stories. You can see my lack of confidence and the need for a vision in my early writings.  I know it doesn’t seem professional; however, I do like being real.

It’s the hallmark of many of my writings that you’ll find on the blog site. Plus, you will discover that I love to talk about Jesus and how God has been healing my heart. I use stories to illustrate God’s love and how God has helped me. If Jesus did this for me then, the same thing can be true for you.

I would encourage you to read the various stories that I’ve written, over the years.  Though I am not a father, I have written a few encouraging stories for parents. Look for the “Parenting” submenu item in the “Articles” menu.

What church am I associated with?

I actually do get this question, sometimes. The question comes from hurting people, who would like to know where I go.  My home church is Shore Vineyard Church and you can probably guess that we’re a Vineyard church.  If you would like to find out more then, I would encourage you to visit the link to my church’s website.

By the way, there is something that needs to be addressed.  If you read my various blog posts then, you will discover I have my own thoughts and opinions on different topics. They are not necessarily those of my church’s leadership or Shore Vineyard, in general.  Yes, they are definitely welcomed to talk with me, on any issues. 

Is this a “ministry”?

Do you mean a classical church ministry? Did you read my above statement? I could not make such a statement if Inspiration Point was an actual ministry of Shore Vineyard. So, I would not call my blog site such a thing.

By definition, a ministry is an act of service to other people. I am seeking to help people through my writings. Though I am seeking to make a passive income, money is not my main goal. My purpose is to help those, who suffered from depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and so forth.  I am also sharing the love of Christ, too.

If this site was a true business then, I would not spend so much time and effort. So, I would call this blog site, a ministry. I do hope this helps, some readers.



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  1. Hi Barry! Great blog site. It is good to get to know you a bit better. Keep moving forward. We are glad to be on the same team with you. Blessings>Sheryl

  2. Wow! Great site Bar! I am impressed. Seeing you love to write, I need to talk to you about praying about helping me to write this play called, “Elijah”. It could be GOD is showing me this site to show me where your strenghts lie and where we can fellowship. Hope to see you at men’s fellowship tonight.

  3. Hey Barry; Love The Blog Site Sir, Job Well Done, Carry On Young Man!! Godspeed My Friend!!

  4. I am for sure a new fan of this website! I like websites and am happy to find this place where i will gush about those things!

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