Barry’s Most Popular Blog Posts for 2017

What do you suppose are my most popular blog post for 2017? This morning, I read an article by Adrian Warnock called “Warnie’s Most Read Posts During 2017“.  I liked what Adrian’s blog post and it seems a good idea for my own blog site.

Inspiration Point has been in existence for several years. As a result, I have over 200 articles that could make it to the Top 25 Most Popular articles. Why do I bother mentioning this fact? The blog posts that make it to the top are not necessarily written in 2017.

What are my criteria for determining what is popular? How does Google Analytics determine it? Google Analytics has been tracking the # of views that each page receives. How do visitors find me? The primary way is Google’s search engine. Sometimes, visitors come because someone shares an article on Facebook or Twitter. Naturally, there is always the mailing list or a forwarded email.

I can only trust that God is leading the person to a particular blog post. It is my hope that the article is deemed helpful in some way. When you read the list of the popular blog posts, it will become apparent why I don’t jump out and say it’s God leading the person. I’ve actually had some surprises and I think you’ll be amazed at what is on the list.

Top 25 Blog Posts:
  1. Praying For Those Given to Profanity or Swearing
  2. Are We Raptureless?
  3. Let’s Talk About “The Shack: the Movie”
  4. Believe Not Every Fake News (1 John 4:1)
  5. The Amazing Frog Who Wrote A Book (Book Review)
  6. Father, Give Your Child A Sense of Identity
  7. Why Should You Care About the YouTube Ads Controversy?
  8. Overcoming The Victim’s Mindset
  9. If You Write It, They Will Come! Really??
  10. Thoughts For Mother’s Day
  11. Sharing The Good News of Christ Jesus
  12. It Takes Strength To Forgive
  13. Forgetting Something With This “Kneeling Protest”?
  14. Stop Living In Fear or Anxiety!
  15. Leaving The Land of Regrets
  16. How Do We Edify One Another?
  17. Post-November 4: For We Are Not Given A Spirit of Fear
  18. Crossing Over the Bridge of Anxiety
  19. How To Deal With Comments & Opinions on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  20. How To Encourage Your Kids To Pursue Their Dreams
  21. How To Volunteer at Your Church
  22. Prayer Is The Stealth Fighter of Spiritual Warfare
  23. The Parable of Two Towns
  24. Finding Mercy & Grace At The Shack
  25. Is Anyone Out There?? Would It Help, If I TRASH A False Teacher?

What do you think of the above list of popular blog posts? Go see why these articles are considered popular. It would also help if you would share some of these blog posts on Twitter or Facebook.

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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