It Takes Strength To Forgive

Would you like to have happiness in your life? Who would not want that? Do you think it may be related to your ability to forgive someone? How about a person’s ability to apologize for a wrong done, to another person? Do you suppose that letting go could play a part? How so? Am I merely talking about the forgiveness of sin?

Crossing Over The Bridge of Anxiety

Are you standing in front of a bridge that is in need of crossing? Are you feeling trapped in the past and you need to go forward? What is holding you captive? Is it fear and anxiety?

Guess what? You are not alone! I’ve had my own battles and I’ve needed to cross over a bridge and move into a new reality. Is it easy? No. If you think so, then please share. How is it working out for you?

For most people, anxiety can easily get the best of anyone. How do we overcome such fears and anxiety? How did I do it? For one thing, I have not arrived and I’m far from perfect. If you’re willing, I’d like to share my own insights for crossing a bridge of anxiety.