Let’s Talk About My Vision Statement

Do you know the vision for my blog site, Inspiration Point? Do you know what is meant by a vision statement? Business and churches aren’t the only ones, who benefit from these statements.

When I started blogging, it didn’t take long to discover the value of one for my blog site. I’d like to share with you, the value of creating your own vision statement.

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Inspiration Point PodCast Ep #1 – Intro

This is my first attempt at video podcasting. This video is meant to be an introduction to a brand new way of reaching more people. Let’s face it. It seems people prefer watching a video or a long podcast; as opposed to actually reading. If there is enough interest then I’ll consider upgrading to an external microphone. Thanks to Audacity, I can just create an audio file. Please leave a comment on the blog site, if interested.

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