Barry’s Most Popular Blog Posts for 2017

What do you suppose are my most popular blog post for 2017? This morning, I read an article by Adrian Warnock called “Warnie’s Most Read Posts During 2017”.  I liked what Adrian’s blog post and it seems a good idea for my own blog site.

Inspiration Point has been in existence for several years. As a result, I have over 200 articles that could make it to the Top 25 Most Popular articles. Why do I bother mentioning this fact? The blog posts that make it to the top are not necessarily written in 2017.

Come see what is being listed as the Top 25 Most Popular blog posts on Inspiration Point!

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Join My Mailing List; Get FREE E-Book (PDF)!

Would you like a free copy of my first book, “You Are Not A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming”? Who doesn’t like free; especially if you don’t know the author? Before you get carried away, there is something I would like to explain.

I need your help in growing my revamped mailing list. Please read and see how you can help and get a free copy of my book. The offer is only good for new subscribers and those who don’t have a print version of my book. The details are in the article, itself.

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Inspiration Point PodCast Ep #1 – Intro

This is my first attempt at video podcasting. This video is meant to be an introduction to a brand new way of reaching more people. Let’s face it. It seems people prefer watching a video or a long podcast; as opposed to actually reading. If there is enough interest then I’ll consider upgrading to an external microphone. Thanks to Audacity, I can just create an audio file. Please leave a comment on the blog site, if interested.

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Healthy Habits For Growing Your Blog or YouTube Channel

Some time ago, I saw an interesting tweet on my Twitter timeline. Jeff Goins mentioned an article about growing your blog site.  Since I am a blogger, it is natural that I should visit.  Within seconds, I am confronted by a “Subscribe to blog site” popup.  Sadly, I am on…

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