Healthy Habits For Growing Your Blog or YouTube Channel

Some time ago, I saw an interesting tweet on my Twitter timeline. Jeff Goins mentioned an article about growing your blog site.  Since I am a blogger, it is natural that I should visit.  Within seconds, I am confronted by a “Subscribe to blog site” popup.  Sadly, I am on…

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I Just Want To Play!

For the past few days, I’ve been tracking a debate about video games, YouTube and YouTube entertainers. As I read the tweets found on Twitter, a question formed in the back of my mind. How can I contribute to the ongoing debate?

Outside of Minecraft, I rarely play any video games. I am simply not a gamer or I’d have created a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming. How did I get wrapped up in this debate? Though I’m not a gamer, I follow certain YouTube gaming personalities and I listen to their comments on Twitter.

What can I contribute to this raging debate? For YouTubers, parents and fans, I will point you to this old piece of advice. It’s found in an old letter and its advice is quite solid. How so?

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