For The Coming New Year, Let’s Talk About No Negativity

Have you given any thoughts on your New Year resolution? Yes, I know that Christmas is right around the corner and it won’t be long until New Year’s Day. However, it is never too early to give thoughts to what you’d like to change about yourself. One popular idea to steer away from negativity.

It sounds easy; however, it is a lot harder than one may think. The truth is, you can’t avoid negativity. It is all over social media, in our home, on television. There is simply no escaping the negativity of other people.

Yet, you can do something about your own negativity. I would like to offer some insights into dealing with personal negativity. You don’t have to live with it. First, it would help to have a healthy perspective on negativity.

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A Useful Comment Can Help In A Sea of Negativity

Do you know that your comment or feedback can greatly help someone; even if you are not entirely interested in the blog site or YouTube channel? Yes, we do like hearing positive feedback; however, constructive criticism can be helpful, too. It could help fine tune the content appearing on the blog or YouTube channel or point to potential problems. My goal is to show the value of a good comment; even if it seems negative.

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How To Deal With Comments & Opinions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

It seems we are afraid of speaking our opinions, for fear of being hurt or challenged. At the same time, we are afraid of being wrong or rejected if we do say something. If you spend any time on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter then you will know what I’m talking about. Young people would say that we’re too easily triggered by the simplest of joke or comment.

I would definitely agree with my young friends. Let’s not let our anger, fear, and anxiety get the better of us. I would like to offer some suggestions that may be of help to you.

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Stop Hiding! Make A Difference In The World Around You!

What do Christians have with X-Men and Jedi? Is it the propensity to hide when it comes to failures? I would encourage you to read this article; as it may well help you. There is also a link to a certain actor with an incredible story to tell you. To think an unknown person helped him, with a needed kind word of prophecy.

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