Learn How To Pray-Read The Scripture!

Have you ever struggled with what to pray? If you have a pulse then you know what I am talking about. Yes, I have those days, too. It is not always easy; even if you have prayed to God for many years. 

I would love to suggest something that may be of help. Have you ever considered turning a set of Scriptures into a prayer? What am I talking about?

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Thoughts And Prayer Strategies for the November 4 Protest

This morning, I read a prayer posted to my timeline. My friend mentioned a protest march scheduled to occur on November 4. If you are like me then it may be the first time that you have heard of it. What’s going on? Why am I writing about it, on this blog site?

For one, I would like to offer my thoughts and suggestions for praying against whatever nasty violence planned for that day. I am talking about praying against the negativity being put forth by both sides. We don’t need to live in fear of what may happen on November 4.

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The Day After The National Day of Prayer

On Sunday, many responded to a national call for prayer. However, we are not called to sit and pray. We also need to combine prayer with action. Read this article and learn some ways that you can help. Let’s combine our words with tangible deeds of love and compassion.

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Praying For Those Given to Profanity or Swearing

Are you troubled by the rising amount of profanity on the Internet, movies and everyday life?  When I originally ventured on the information superhighway, profanity was seldom heard. Even if I did run into it; it’s nothing compared to today’s environment. Before I get into today’s topic, I’d like to…

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