Getting Our Relational Priorities Straight!

For the past couple of months, I watched a couple of YouTube videos and the content creator dropped a mention about prioritizing their time and relationships. It seems their work is having a negative effect on their spouse and family. 

Does this sound like you? Who has first place on your list of priorities? Is it God? Your spouse? Is it your work? Keep in mind, you may say one thing; however, other people may see differently than you.

It is not my goal to beat you, over the head with a “To Do” list. Rather, I would like to offer some suggestions made by friends. They have been married for over 50 years and it’s worth listening to.

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Post November 4: For We Are Not Given A Spirit of Fear

Some time ago, I wrote an article on an upcoming ANTIFA related protest. Because of the rumors of civil war and chaos, I felt a need to share my thoughts and offer suggestions for prayers relating to it. Guess what? The rumors never panned out. For this article, I chose to talk about the importance of prayer and how it can help overcome the fears produced by the rumor mill on various social media platforms. You don’t have to live in fear!

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A Useful Comment Can Help In A Sea of Negativity

Do you know that your comment or feedback can greatly help someone; even if you are not entirely interested in the blog site or YouTube channel? Yes, we do like hearing positive feedback; however, constructive criticism can be helpful, too. It could help fine tune the content appearing on the blog or YouTube channel or point to potential problems. My goal is to show the value of a good comment; even if it seems negative.

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