I Don’t Care What You Came To Do!

Do you struggle with worshipping in a contemporary church setting? If you don’t know the song, it can be a challenge to go with the flow. You’re just hoping that no one notices you. It’s how I operated when I attended Pentecostal churches, twenty years ago. Contemporary music is especially challenging; especially if you don’t know the song.

If this is you then I’d like to offer some suggestions to help you. Nearly twenty years ago, I was introduced to a fun little tune and it stayed with me. The song is called “I Don’t Know What You Came To Do.” How can this old gospel song help? The song has a catchy tune and a subtle message that I will unpack for you.

I did some research on this old classic and there are quite a few variations that one can find on YouTube. For the purpose of this article, I’ll point to a video of Bebe Winans singing “I Don’t Know What You Came To Do!” At the very least, I hope you will enjoy Bebe’s singing of this classic gospel song.

What message am I talking about? If you never heard this old song then it’s message will escape you. The song consists of five choruses. “I came to praise my Lord!”, “Clap my hands!”, “Sing His Songs”, “Stamp My Feet” and “Hear His Word”. 

The underlying theme is quite simple. Do not worry about how others are worshipping God, Almighty. Focus on your own adoration of Jesus Christ. If it is in your heart to dance then I’d encourage you to dance. The same principle applies to the raising of hands, shouts for joy or quiet singing.

What about sitting down and receiving God’s presence? I soak in my Father’s presence, all the time. In parts, it is because I have trouble hearing the lyrics in these settings. Nevertheless, I love the music and the atmosphere of worship surrounding the songs. Can you tell that I choose to enjoy God’s presence?

Why do I say, “choose”? For me, my mind will wander aimlessly if I don’t make a conscious decision to soak in God’s presence or engage in other forms of worship. Some friends have suggested praying for others or create my own version of unknown songs. A third option is to sit and invite God’s presence and soak in it. If you’re struggling then I’d encourage you to talk with Jesus.

What if, you came from a more traditional church setting? I am talking about churches where everyone remains seated and sing some songs or just listen to the choir team. For you, it probably appears strange to see dancing, clapping of hands, loud singing and raising of hands. What the heck am I walking into? I just described myself, over twenty years ago.

Today, you have some definite advantages over me. I will offer an old fashion solution wrapped in a new package. Why not ask someone? You are probably not the first new person and I’m certain someone can tell you the name of the songs. Why is this helpful? Thanks to the Internet, you can read the lyrics to the various songs.

Here is another tip. You can talk with one of the pastors of that churches. This tip is especially helpful if you are struggling with certain songs. Perhaps, it is the idea of certain themes embedded in those songs? Talking with someone is always a good idea; however, you should take care to not pass judgment.

Let’s not worry about what someone else is doing. Let’s keep focusing on the One that we come to worship. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and not anyone else. Again, I would encourage you to listen to the video of Bebe Winans singing “I Don’t Know What You Came To Do.” It seems someone is focused on what the pastor is wearing.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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