How Is God Stretching My Faith?

This morning, I had the pleasure listening to what God is doing through some friends. As I listen to their stories, it became clear that my Father is doing some incredible things through some unlikely people. No, I am not talking about young people. They are mostly seniors and I’m not far behind.

There is one theme that I heard and I can attest to it. Each person’s faith is being stretched in different ways. I would tell their stories; however, it is not my story to share.  Yet, I have my own story of being stretched.  Do you know that I started a video podcast?

A couple of weeks ago, a thought came to mind. Why not create a podcast and bring my blog site to the next level? My heart is filled with excitement at the idea.  I needed to do something to draw more visitors to my blog site, Inspiration Point. At the same time, I felt rather hesitant because I’ve never done a podcast.

As I pondered the situation, the Holy Spirit brought to remembrance “Audacity”. It is a free audio recording software.  It has been years since I’ve used Audacity and I have only used it, once or twice.  As my thoughts turned to the next logical question, I am recalling a guy named Ely of ElyBeatmaker.  He kindly suggested that I use YouTube; especially since I’m just starting out.

If I upload a podcast to YouTube then it has to be a video podcast.  Because of my past experiences, I was rather hesitant; however, the Holy Spirit brought to mind a simple solution.  I could use a still photo for the visual part and create the audio in Audacity.   How am I going to create a video podcast; as I don’t have a paid video editor?

Earlier, I had talked with my friend, Cindy. I mentioned that I’d like to bring my blog to the next level by including a podcast.  She asked about Windows Movie Maker.  For starting out, this video editor could handle the needed task.  I love how God has brought all the pieces, together. There is just one thing. I needed to step out and try it.

So far, I have posted two such video podcasts.  The first one is an introduction to Inspiration Point Podcast. The second one is my first full podcast and it’s called “Inspiration Point Podcast Episode #2: Dealing With Bullies“.  The link will take you directly to the video. My goal is to post a weekly video podcast, with God’s help.

Do I have real experiences in creating video content? Yes, I have created YouTube videos and they did poorly.  For one, I could not get the video quality needed for good videos.  One video was created with the help of a cheap webcam.  On other occasions, I used my phone’s camera to record videos.  With my poor eyesight, it is rather challenging to assess the quality of a video.

Yet, I am not deterred from stepping out in faith.  Does this mean that I suddenly know everything about creating video podcast? No, I don’t know everything. It’s why I am desperate for God’s help and pray for Jesus’ guidance and direction. It is also why I took time to learn some needed skills. It also requires a willingness to hear feedback from trusted sources.

Thanks to Ely, I will eventually pick up a Blue Snowball microphone.  The microphone should help with the sound quality.  Although I think the audio sounds fine, now.  Feel free to check it and tell me.  Before I do so, there needs to be a demand or interest in my video podcast.  Otherwise, the $50 microphone will be wasted.

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Read Hebrews 11:1

Yes,  I am willing to take a risk; however, my brain is not checked at the door. Faith simply means trust and it really isn’t blind.  In this case, I do trust my Father’s direction and guidance.  As I continue to step out, I have learned that I can trust in God’s provisions.

As I continue forward, I have come to learn the faithfulness of God. Did you catch why my brain isn’t checked at the door?  If I wait for all the answers before stepping out then nothing will get done.  If I do step out in faith then I will grow in my trust of the Lord.

God, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit wants to do amazing things through you.  All you need is your availability.  I did not let my inexperience with creating video podcasts stop me. As one moves forward, you will learn what is needed.  It is called “stepping out in faith” or taking a risk.

Do not confuse “Waiting on God” with inaction. They are two different things.  Over the years, I have learned the value of waiting and seeing what God, the Father is doing.  At the same time, I am not sitting still and become idle.

I would encourage you to spend time in the Word of God and spend time in God’s Presence. By this, I am talking about being quiet and listen to what God’s Spirit is saying to you. Invite the Holy Spirit to come and make God’s Presence more noticeable.  It’s called contemplative prayer. If interested, I can talk about this in a new blog post or podcast.

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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