Going Through A Storm? You Can Count On God’s Grace!

The other day, I visited my mother at a nearby nursing home.  Though my mother does have dementia, she is able to recognize her family and friends.  Yet, our conversations can be quite interesting from time to time. How does your brother is not dead and he is in the body of an elderly woman sounds? 

This comment is mild in comparison to the other possibilities.  For this, my family is thankful for that particular mercy. It is definitely an indication of God’s grace in the current situation. My Father has been with my family and I, from the start.  For it is God’s grace that sustains and helps in so many situations.

The other day, I resolved to write on the reality of God’s grace in where I need to go. From my own experiences, I know the truth of God’s grace and it does not mean that I’ll walk unscathed.  What am I talking about? A few days ago, I visited my mother with a friend.

Nursing homes typically have an Independent Living area for Seniors, who can still function on their own. There is also an Assisted Living area for those people, who need extra help.  These people are still able to get out and have a life, of a sort.  The Skilled Nursing area and the Alzheimer’s Unit are a different story. My mother resides in Skilled Nursing with so many other people, with dementia and without dementia.

Such a setting can be very depressing for the average person. Especially if the person is an old friend of your mother. I understood my friend’s discomfort; as I’ve my own experiences with depressing environments. Thankfully, we were able to get my mother out into the fresh air and sunshine.

For my friend, it seems Barry is a pillar of strength and unaffected by the depressing environment. I reassured my friend that it is God’s grace that is helping me. Without it, I would not be of much help to her or anyone else.

Is this always true? Why don’t I volunteer at Goodwill Industries or work at a sheltered workshop? For me, these two environments are soul-crushing and I’ve been overwhelmed by depression.  I could never return to such a place. However, I have friends who do volunteer at these places.

In their weaknesses, God has given strength to their hearts and minds. I honestly believe that my Father has called my friends into such places.  I’d give their names; however, I am not certain if it’s appropriate. Why not me, though?

Arizona Industries f/t Blind has a very good working environment and I’m certain they have grown since I was last there.  For my purpose, they were a good starting point for developing a job history and I was enrolled in their sheltered workshop program. These places tend to be quite depressing and not filled with hope.

I, for one, am certainly not immune to such a corrosive environment. Yes, it can be corrosive to one’s mindset and heart. I, for one, was beset with depression and a growing sense of failure. These attacks are feeding on the wounds existing in my heart.

Don’t be afraid of the storms of life. Ask God for the grace to weather the storm and the needed guidance.

Though I didn’t know it, my Father was already pouring out grace on my situation; as God has provided some supervisors, who helped in overcoming my fear of criticisms. It is not the only thing, my Father did for me.

At the time, I attended the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ and it was headed by Bishop Arthur Loring. It never occurred to me that I should talk with the pastor about my depression and fear of failure.

Grace is not a magical shield of protection and no trouble will touch you. Grace is God’s unmerited favor poured out in your life. God’s grace is able to help you through the storms; not avoid it.

Years later, I had another storm on the horizon.  This time, I did go straight to God, the Father and ask for help.  I was going to live my mother and it was not going to be an easy situation.

God heard my prayer for help and Jesus was faithful to be there and help me. In this case, God’s grace was hard to miss and it’s noticeable by everyone. Because of my Father’s grace, I had a sense of peace to go where the Holy Spirit was directing me, to go.

Does God’s grace mean that  I should not draw boundaries?  Are you a human being? Do you have endless energy and no set of responsibilities? Guess what? You do need to set boundaries or you will be all over the map. God’s grace does allow you to go through situations; however, it does not endow you with endless energy.

Yes, I do visit my mother and it is not the only thing. I’ve a home to care for, write for my blog site, volunteer at a couple of places and etc. I have to set boundaries or I won’t be able to do anything. For some, it is called setting priority.  God’s grace is not opposed to this.

Does God’s grace mean that I can be an island to myself?  Blogging is a job for one person and I am not an island to myself.  I get my story ideas from the people, around me.  I’ve also gotten ideas and insight on Facebook, other blog sites, and YouTube.

I could say the same thing, about my mother. I live in a community where I’ve gotten support in caring for my mother. I can also point to the staff at my mother’s nursing home. My home church is also a source of help, too.

Are you in the midst of your own storm? Don’t be afraid to ask Jesus for help.  According to Colossians 1:15, Jesus is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. If Jesus is known for his loving kindness and mercy then it makes sense that the same thing is true of the Father. 

As I already pointed out, you need to ask God for the needed help. If God has helped me then it is very likely the Father will help you. It all starts with prayer and putting your faith in Jesus.  You are not alone!

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.


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