If You Write It, They Will Come! Really??

Image result for if you write it they will comeWhy are you wasting time with YouTube videos? Aren’t you supposed to be writing a new book? What’s the deal with the blogging?  Why are you focusing on social media?  What happened to, “If you write it; they will come”?  Do these questions sound familiar?

If you are a content creator, then you probably have heard these questions.  I, for one, certainly do get these questions.  Though my focus is on writing, this article is also meant for prospective YouTubers.  If you missed it, the topic is in the title of this blog post.  Is it really true? Will people come, if I just write that book?

Have you ever watched the movie, “Field of Dreams“? It is a great heart warming movie and I’d definitely recommend it.  It’s also where we get the phrase, “If you build it, they will come”.  Yes, the guy did build the ballpark in a field of corn; however, people did not immediately come. They have to know about it, first.

How does this relate to my writing my 2nd book? Heck, I could say the same thing about my first book, “You Are Not A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming“. Though it wasn’t a bestseller, people did buy the book. Where do you suppose they heard about it? Could it be my blog? How about “word of mouth”?

When I created this blog site, my goal was not to promote a book. On the contrary, I was trying to share my thoughts and ideas with the general public. I was looking for a way to get my writings out there. The book came at a later date. In fact, it’s a result of my blog writings. For other writers, it’s the other way around. They will write a book and create a site to promote their books.

Either way, there has to a draw.  Do you recall the location of that ballpark? It was built in the middle of a corn field. This fact drew people’s attention.  If they were interested, then they came to see it.  Did you catch the first part? The same principle applies to YouTube videos, blog writings, and the book.

How does this help me, with my content creation effort? When I write my articles, it has to be of value to the readers, not me. What about my passion? For a writer or a YouTuber, our passions are often the driving force behind our efforts.  Yet, they need to be tempered with wisdom.

Image result for Write your passionI have a passion for helping people, with overcoming depression, rejection, and low self-esteem. I’ve also a passion for sharing the love of God, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Guess what? I still have to write stories that are of value to my readers. I have to talk about issues that they care about.

If the readers are interested then, they will come back and they may share my blog posts. Why do you suppose there is a floating bar on the left side of the screen? If you’re reading this on a smartphone then, it’s on the bottom of the screen.  Either way, an article is only shared if the reader is interested and find it of value.

Hopefully, you are asking this question, “Why is this guy writing about blogging or creating content for YouTube”?  Would you care to guess the topic that has received a lot of attention? A couple of years ago, I’ve written some articles relating YouTube.  My goal was to encourage Christians to get involved with YouTube. Guess what became a popular topic on this site?

I was surprised to see these articles succeed.  Apparently, people were definitely interested in it. YouTube was not my only popular topic. There is also the issue of overcoming negativity. It’s why I’ve written a variety articles relating to this.  Guess what my second book is about? How do you suppose I arrived at a tentative title of “Slaying Your Dragons of Negativity”?

Image result for be consistent in your writingHow did I discover what’s popular?  With Google’s Analytics and WordPress.com’s Sitte Stats, I have been able to check the performance of the 250+ articles on this site.  It’s why I don’t get into politics, too much.  Those articles have not done very well.  Over time, I have attempted to write on a variety of different topics.  All bloggers have to do this; even if you have a clear idea of your particular niche.

It is a tricky balancing act and it can be rewarding. Of course, you have to be consistent in writing your blog posts or creating your YouTube videos.  Before this, you need to make an important decision.  Is the blog going to be a hobby or an actual job?  The second question is quite similar.  Is your passion going to be sustainable in the next 5 to 10 years?

I read an interesting article, from Jeff Goins at GoinsWriter.  Jeff has written a wide variety of useful articles on being a successful writer. In “The Surprising Path to Becoming a Professional Writer“, Jeff makes an important point that is repeated throughout his other articles. What may that point be? How is it related to the above? 

You become a professional writer when you decide that you are a writer. Jeff is quite right.  Once I made the decision that I am a writer; it became easier to be consistent in my writing. Though I’ve had prophetic words about my future books, I still need to make a decision to act.  You can’t say, “I would like to become a writer”. 

Image result for step out in faith and writeYou need to step out in faith and see where it takes you. You have to make a commitment and step forward. You can treat blogging, as a hobby or a job. The same principle applies to YouTube videos.  Are you going to pursue these two, as a hobby?  If so, you won’t create too many YouTube videos or write too many articles.  If it’s a job then you’ll approach it like one.

Are you surprised to hear that blogging is a job that requires a lot of work? The same thing is true of creating videos for YouTube. As a blogger, I have to deal with site management, article planning, research, editing, monetizing, blog promotion, and social media marketing.  How does this relate to writing my second book?

How does this relate to writing my second book? How do you suppose people know to buy a copy? You can’t buy something if you don’t know about it. Because I am self-published, I had to spend a lot of time in marketing my book. Sadly, I neglected the one thing that could have helped. It’s the blog.

I repeat. Your blog site is your primary tool for selling your book.  Your blog articles can help persuade people that your book is worth reading. It can also help with future book writing projects. It is not the only thing that I attempted to do.  I’ve read that YouTube can be a great way to promote one’s site.  I don’t doubt Jeff Goins and others, who have done it. However, it has not worked for me.

There is no harm in trying. That is what faith is all about. Faith is sometimes spelled “RISK”.  Get it?  The main character from that movie took a risk and build that ballpark.  The risk paid off.  However, he had to build it, first! Guess what? It didn’t take one day.

I knew of my calling to be a writer, for about 20 years.  I’ve made plenty of false starts and I’ve plenty of goofs.  However, I kept trying to find my niche.  I started in the computer field and I eventually found myself in my current niche. Keep pressing onward and look for the clues that may surround you.

Yes, I firmly believe that God will direct your step and the Holy Spirit will lead you, in the right direction. I still need to participate in the writing process.  I still have to make an effort in my pursuit of writing valuable content for my readers.  Hey, I am not a robot. I do make mistakes and I learn.



Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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