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Would you like a free copy of my first book, “You Are Not A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming“? Who doesn’t like free; especially if you don’t know the author? Before you get carried away, there is something I would like to explain.

If you buy the book on Amazon, you can get a printed copy for $7  and a digital copy for $1.99.  Some time ago, I have read an article on growing one’s mailing list. One strategy is to offer a PDF version of your first book to new subscribers.

As a blogger, I need for my site to grow in terms of site traffic. For the past year, I have seen improvements in my site’s traffic. It is largely due to a pattern of consistent posting of good blog articles and the use of my new editorial calendar. I am glad to see the hard work slowly paying off and I must credit God for what has been done.

Yet, there is much work to be done. My old mailing list has been based on my email contact list. This tactic is not a good way to grow a mailing list. It seems like a good idea; however, it proves to be more headache than it is worth. As a result, I created a new mailing list.

This time, the new mailing list will consist of people who actually sign up for a weekly blog update sent to their inbox. From the original list of 133 subscribers, I am down to a list of 3 people.  These people will get a weekly blog update detailing what has been posted on my blog site. As per my normal habit, you will see two articles per week.

Why a mailing list? Why not use Facebook or Twitter?  Have you actually looked at your newsfeed on Facebook? These days, Facebook is often cluttered with competing articles, videos, and commercial advertisings. I am actually surprised if people see my blog posts among the see of postings to Facebook. The same principle applies to Twitter.

With a mailing list, a subscriber will receive an email showing what I’ve written. If interested, subscribers can freely choose to read the full article on my blog site. It also gives the person the opportunity to talk with the author. There is another reason for a mailing list.

Over time, I notice a growing # of people are avoiding Facebook because of the clutter. For these people, a mailing list is a good alternative. I could say the same thing for Twitter. Does this sound like you? Would you like to receive an email notification of new updates to my blog?

To sweeten the pie, I am offering a PDF version of my book to new subscribers. To get it, I will need you to fill out the form, below.  I will get a notification of your subscription and I’ll send a copy to your email inbox.  When you subscribe, MailChimp will send you, a confirmation letter to your inbox.

You may have to check your spam filter and mark my emails, as NOT SPAM. Emails from this blog are clearly marked as [Inspiration Point] Weekly Blog Updates for DATE. I would appreciate it if you use a valid email address. This way, I can be certain that you’re getting the PDF version of my book.

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Would you like to receive weekly emails of future blog posts? If so, please join the Inspiration Point mailing list and you'll get an email, every Saturday morning. The first 100 subscribers will get a free PDF copy of my first book. Be certain to check your inbox or spam filter, for a confirmation letter. Thank you for joining.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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