Let’s Talk About Future Book Reviews

It is December and the end of the year is fast coming. This year, I set a goal to create two articles per week. I accomplished it by creating a list of topics that I could potentially cover.

What do you suppose is my most popular category? Could it be book reviews? I am pleasantly surprised by the popularity of my articles covering certain books.  The Shack is not the only popular book reviews. “Raptureless” by Jonathan Welton is proving to be popular, too.

I’ve also reviewed a few other books, too. For certain, I will continue to review other books, in the coming New Year. What book would you like to see reviewed?

This morning, I had considered a review of “The War Room: Prayer is a Powerful Weapon by Chris Fabry.  Yes, the popular movie started out in a book format. However, my memory is a little rusty and I am pressed for time.  If interested, I can easily write a review of this book, next year. I typically review one book per month; so I can cover other topics.

What book topic would you be interested in reading about? Is there a particular author or what? I may arrange to discuss a book by Bill Johnson. I know he’s popular; however, I need to hear from you. I typically don’t read his book; so I would not know what you are interested in.

Why don’t I review a book that I am interested in? In the past, my favorite genre of literature has been science fiction and fantasy novels. As a kid, I would read these type of book, excessively. I can well attest to the truth of Ecclesiastes 12:12. Reading too many books can be quite wearying. It is also why I am a fan of audio books from the New Jersey Talking Book for the Blind.

Yes, audiobooks have been around for a lot longer than you may think. I can still recall the quality of those books. They were much superior to the earlier generation of audiobooks. These days, I prefer to read my books on my tablet or listen to a narrated version. Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, I am open to doing more book reviews.

Today, my reading habit is quite different. A few years ago, I read a great short story by Nathaniel Hawthorn and I’d enjoy sharing insights from such books.  The audio narration feature makes it easier to read and digest certain books. I repeat. What are you interested in? 

What about my other topics? I am still planning on covering topics relating to parenting, the words of our mouth, overcoming negativity: depression, rejection and etc., volunteering, content creation and prayer.  It is quite possible for a book review to serve as an inspiration other blog posts.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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