A Microwave Oven And A YouTuber – Why?

Rescuer remove microwave from grateful YouTuber

Have you ever played a prank and it goes totally south? How about posting a prank video on YouTube? That is what some people are doing for entertainment and create an income.

These prank videos are not limited to YouTube. I’ve found prank related blog sites. For me, it is a sad trend. I would like to talk about one such prank and share my thoughts; as it relates to creating content on the Internet.

A few days ago, I saw a strange story trending on Twitter. It seems that a British Youtuber decided to do a prank video and it went horribly wrong. Here is the news story found on Fox News. “YouTube prankster thankful after rescue from microwave stunt

Yes, the man cemented a microwave oven to his head. According to the article and Jay’s own video, the stunt was meant as a joke. Jay and his friends have built an entire channel based on stunts and pranks, for the sake of entertainment.

Yes, people are drawn to stupidity and there is an urge to see what happened. Sadly, it is this urge for sensationalism that encourages an entire genre of prank videos. Each person is trying to outdo the other person. Why? Why do content creators do such things? 

It is all about viewership or site traffic. It is the very bane of every bloggers and YouTubers. How do I get people to actually sit and read my articles? What do I need to do, for an entertaining or informative video on my YouTube channel? With this in mind, I can readily see the appeal of such prank videos. They are supposedly easy to do and people flock to these things.

Wait a second! You are talking about a YouTube video! How does this apply to blogs? For one, prank blogging is a thing. Yes, it’s not relegated to YouTube. I did a quick search on Google and I found a bunch of such blog posts. It seems there is a cottage industry for such videos and blog posts.

Am I a fan of such tactics? As a blogger, I am definitely concerned about my site traffic and I would love to see my audience grow. For me, blogging and writing isn’t just a passion; it is a job. So, I need to take seriously my site traffic. It would be tempting to engage in such attention-grabbing stunts; however, I am not a fan of such tactic. Here is why.

I visited Jay’s YouTube channel and read the comments. The guy is certainly getting attention; however, it is not a good one. For the sake of entertainment, the young man is being ridiculed all throughout the comment section. Thankfully, some fans did say that he scared the crap out them and Jay shouldn’t pull such stunts.

There is a serious danger to such prank video and Proverbs 26:18-19 points to it. The prankster may think the dangerous prank is funny; however, the recipient rarely thinks so. Jay would have been laughing if the young man had died in his quest for entertaining videos.

I trust that Jay and his friends are rethinking their future plans for their channel. Namely, it should involve less dangerous stunts and take into account the dangers to everyone around them. I have a secondary reason for writing this blog post and it has nothing to do Jay, perse.

These prank videos give the false impression of being easy money and little effort. Why is it tempting? It is tempting because of the need for attention. As content creators, we want people to stop and enjoy our content. Sadly, it sometimes requires shocking our audience with clickbait titles and sensational gimmicks.

If it did not work then no one would do it. Secular sites are not the only ones to engage in such practices. Christian sites have employed some of the same tactics. Nevertheless, let’s avoid the temptation of taking the easy route in creating contents.

Fact is, it takes time to write a good blog article and it shows. The same principle applies to creating videos on YouTube.  It is this hard work that will pay off in the long run. We simply have to be patient and diligently pursue our craft.

There is simply no shortcut. This applies to prank video, too. Give careful thoughts to the project and apply due diligence or hard work. Be willing to take the time and effort and avoid the easy way.


Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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