Do Not Be Afraid Of What Limits You

Limits are not a sign of failures; rather they are an opportunity to grow and learn.

This Tuesday, I decided to take a risk and worked on a video podcast. Why is it a risk? I have poor vision and it does impact the quality of my videos.  If you ever looked at my earlier attempts to record videos then you’ll notice it. My videos are sometimes out of focus.  For me, it doesn’t seem like it; however, I have heard differently.

If I had such poor responses then you maybe asking this question. Why would I keep doing the same thing? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? If I kept creating video contents and ignored reality then it would be insanity.

However, I did not create an actual video; rather, it is a still photo sitting in the background and the viewers are just listening to my voice.  There is a world of difference between the two styles of videos.

Thankfully, my vision is not as bad as Mr. Magoo.

What does this has to do with the main topic of this article? For one, my physical limitations are not a prison and they are not an excuse to avoid risk taking.  At the same time, I don’t ignore reality or simple facts of life.

I would love to make a comment about driving a car.  However, the joke is a little old. I checked Google and found this old photo of Mr. Magoo.  If the guy had a pair of good glasses then he’d avoid many memorable scenes from the old television series.

Yet, Mr. Magoo never let his poor eyesight keep him, a prisoner. He would just go out and do something.  It is the one thing that I admired in the old cartoon series.  At the same time, I shared in the winces caused by his escapades.

Of course, I do have the ability to learn from my successes and failures. Failure does not mean the end of the road. I simply need to try a different method.  In my case, I created a photo slide show for my mother. It seems that I did a good job in picking the right photos. Plus, I used transitions and visual effect and it went smoothly. How does relate to creating contents on YouTube?

My failures with live video simply meant I needed a different approach.  I, also took note of a desire to verbally communicate ideas and challenge people.  Though I can communicate through writing, one can only go so far with the written words.  With a video, I am free to communicate so much more. Shall I let my past negative experiences derail me?

No, I will focus on what I can do; rather than focus on what I can’t do.  I already knew about Audacity and I’d recommend it. Audacity is a free recording software and it proved invaluable in creating my first podcast.  When someone suggested YouTube, a picture of a still photo came to mind. I could sense the Holy Spirit pointing to a solution.

It did not take long to learn of a new way to create a video podcast.  Another friend suggested Windows Movie Maker.  It made for a good starting point for the video podcast.  Guess what helped in creating this new video podcast? Yes, it was my past experiences in creating contents.  You see, I did not let my past failures define my perceptions; rather they helped in creating something new.

What would happen, if I stayed within my comfort zone? Nothing.  I simply would not grow as a content creator. How about reaching out to other groups of people? I certainly couldn’t do it, if I stayed in my comfort zone. Would I?

For this reason, it is important that I learn new skills and grow up in my faith in God’s provision through Jesus. It’s also important to not be afraid of my limits or limitations.

Your limitations or limits do not have to be physical disabilities. They could easily be the circumstances of your location, lack of education or any number of other reasons.  In my case, my physical location is a problem because of poor public transportation.

Guess what?  I use the Internet to work from home. I could do the same thing through online shopping.  I’m not the only one, who use the Internet to work at home.  Is it education? There are plenty of low-cost ways to learn new skills.  Don’t let your circumstances keep you from pressing forward.  There is just one catch. You have to step forward and try.

If you are willing, God is able to help you with pressing forward. It all starts with a relationship with God, the Father through Jesus. Because of this, you can have confidence in God’s help and directions.  Of course, you do have to listen and follow through.

The accompanied meme is not just a bunch of Christian slogans; rather, they are quite true. Prayer really  does open doors for changes in one’s life.

So, I would encourage you to seek God; as opposed to worrying about the things that limit you. You can trust Jesus to help you in overcoming your circumstances. You can count on the Holy Spirit to guide you in the way of truth.

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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