Overcoming Negativity Through Hard Work

The other day, I heard an interesting piece of news from my friends in the YouTube community. It seems YouTube has put in place, new policies for their YouTube Partnership Program. It appears YouTube wants content creators to prove themselves. Their channels need 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watched videos to be acceptable for monetizing.

This move came in response to the debacle over ads appearing in undesirable videos and the idiocy of Logan Paul. You’ll have to read the article on Wikipedia to find out the details. This young man’s behavior caused a serious backlash and YouTube’s parent company isn’t very happy.

What is the real solution? It is something that should resonate with everyone. You don’t have to work as a content creator for this advice to apply. You could have a dream to be a beautician, restaurant owner, sales, writer and a career in the healthcare industry. The same principle would still apply. 

As with my friends, I needed to develop my skills as a writer and put these skills to practice. One doesn’t write a book in a vacuum. I started with some blog articles, over 10 years ago. At first, my writing skills were terrible and I could never have written my first book.

It takes time to develop one’s skills and it’s not done by hiding it under a rock. Why don’t I get cracking on the second book? The book will come but there is something that needs doing.

It is because I don’t have a large enough base of readers to justify it. I need to grow my audience and it’s done through blogging. At the same time, I need to keep sharpening my ax or writing skills. The same principle applies to big-time content creators like Paul Soares Jr., BdoubleO, Pungence and Jay of WolvesAtMyDoor.

They started posting videos on YouTube, years ago. They did not start out with a whole lot of viewers and they had to work at earning new subscribers. Did they make money, at first? No, they had a day job and treated YouTube, as a potential secondary source of income. It is potential income because it would take a long time before they saw tangible results.

The same principle applies in any field. To succeed, one needs to resist the temptation to engage in shortcuts. In the long run, these shortcuts will backfire on you. I am not just spouting out cliches. It comes from observation and experience.

As a blogger, I will typically get an email offering to increase my site traffic. It sounds good and I could definitely use it. However, I refuse to use these shady services. You see, my site is not going to be helped by a flood of drive-by visitors. I’m helped by readers who are genuinely interested in what I am saying.

Genuine visitors will sometimes share my articles on their social media outlets or email a link to someone. Plus, there is the potential for such people to return to my site. It takes time to grow such an audience. There is one more thing. I have a responsibility to write an article that is worth reading and possibly sharing. If I don’t then I can’t expect my audience to grow. Can I?

I would encourage you to focus on the quality of your workmanship; rather than spend time in the pursuit of shortcuts. Again, you can easily apply the above to owning a restaurant, a small landscaping business or any other jobs. The easy way will only result in disaster, in the long run. It’s best to apply due diligence and keep working. It will come, in due time.

How can one grow their blog site, YouTube channel or some other business? It’s called, “Word of Mouth”.  I discovered Paul Soares through a friend. He brought a copy of Minecraft for me. Since I never played it, Ted suggested I watch Paul’s “Survive and Thrive” videos and learn. It did not take long before I found myself enjoying Paul’s storytelling.

It all started because I was told of this one YouTube personality. Do you think Paul would have kept my interest if he did a poor job in his videos? No, I would not have stayed for long. It is because Paul worked hard on his videos and it paid off. In time, Paul moved on to other games where he can use his role-playing and comedic skills.

There is a secondary method and it goes along with the above method. When the blog post is finished, I will share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and my mailing list. I can’t just rely on my site showing up in a Google Search result. I need to share my blog posts on social media, too. Hopefully, someone will be interested in it and the person will click on the link and read the article.

You may be asking, “Does this guy ever struggle with doubts about himself?” Guess what? I have experienced plenty of days when I doubted myself. I would sometimes wonder, “Is anyone actually reading my blog posts?” Yes, I have even questioned the good that I may be doing.

You could say that I do have a pulse. It is not a strange thing to experience doubts or uncertainty. All human beings go through it. The key is our responses to those challenges. Will you run from your fears and doubts? Will do something positive about it?

As a Christian, I firmly believe that God hears our prayers and cares for his children. Don’t be afraid to approach God, about your situations. At the same time, you need to be willing to listen to what God is saying. There is something that I need to point out.

Read Joshua 1:9

Though prayer is a wonderful tool; you still need to act on what you believe. I was given a vision of what my Father has called me; however, I still needed to put in the work of learning my craft. I still need to build the needed confidence that people would genuinely want to read my articles. In other words, I had to combine prayer with hard work.

Do you get the point? I still needed to push through all of my fears and doubts and pursue my goal of writing. The same principle applies to creating contents on YouTube, running a small business, owning a restaurant or anything else.

I will leave you with a final question. What are you waiting for? Don’t be intimidated by life’s challenges.

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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