Barry’s Most Popular Blog Posts for 2017

What do you suppose are my most popular blog post for 2017? This morning, I read an article by Adrian Warnock called “Warnie’s Most Read Posts During 2017”.  I liked what Adrian’s blog post and it seems a good idea for my own blog site.

Inspiration Point has been in existence for several years. As a result, I have over 200 articles that could make it to the Top 25 Most Popular articles. Why do I bother mentioning this fact? The blog posts that make it to the top are not necessarily written in 2017.

Come see what is being listed as the Top 25 Most Popular blog posts on Inspiration Point!

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Faith On A Wire!

In the past, I have heard of people going over the Niagara Falls in barrels. According to “The Daredevils of Niagara Falls”,  there have been many brave men and women who have made such an attempt. It really takes faith to do such a dangerous stunt. Yet, it is very easy to sit back and admire these brave souls.

What would you do, if you were asked to join them? Would you step out in faith and discover God’s faithfulness? Would you prefer to join the crowd of spectators? I’d encourage you to read an interesting take on walking in faith and how it’s related to Charles Blondin.

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For The Coming New Year, Let’s Talk About No Negativity

Have you given any thoughts on your New Year resolution? Yes, I know that Christmas is right around the corner and it won’t be long until New Year’s Day. However, it is never too early to give thoughts to what you’d like to change about yourself. One popular idea to steer away from negativity.

It sounds easy; however, it is a lot harder than one may think. The truth is, you can’t avoid negativity. It is all over social media, in our home, on television. There is simply no escaping the negativity of other people.

Yet, you can do something about your own negativity. I would like to offer some insights into dealing with personal negativity. You don’t have to live with it. First, it would help to have a healthy perspective on negativity.

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A Microwave Oven And A YouTuber – Why?

Have you ever played a prank and it goes totally south? How about posting a prank video on YouTube? That is what some people are doing for entertainment and create an income.

These prank videos are not limited to YouTube. I’ve found prank related blog sites. For me, it is a sad trend. I would like to talk about one such prank and share my thoughts; as it relates to creating content on the Internet.

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Learn How To Pray-Read The Scripture!

Have you ever struggled with what to pray? If you have a pulse then you know what I am talking about. Yes, I have those days, too. It is not always easy; even if you have prayed to God for many years. 

I would love to suggest something that may be of help. Have you ever considered turning a set of Scriptures into a prayer? What am I talking about?

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