If Only People Would Just Be Nice

It would be easy to say, “If everyone would just be nice to each other and simply say kind words” It is also easy to say “forgive”. In reality, it is not always easy to do either.

Try giving a kind word to someone, who you want to kick in the rear. Such people are not always receptive or able to respond in kind. Guess what? They are the ones, who need a kind word or an act of kindness the most.

Kindness is a precious gift that we can give to others. I would definitely call kindness, a gift. Yes, you’re looking at a photo of Al Capone. Where am I going with this? How does forgiveness figure into this?

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A Tale of Two Grandmothers

Caring for one’s elderly parents or grandparents can be a challenge and I’m not talking medical. There is also the emotional toll, as well. I would like to offer some suggestions to help in the area of relationship. After all, we don’t all have healthy relationship with our parents or grandparents. Do we?

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