Sharing The Good News of Christ Jesus

The Gospel is not a one trick pony. Different approach for different people.

Last week, I came across a YouTube video called “Joel Osteen Exposed”. I checked the video for a brief second. My next stop is the stone throwing section or the comment section. In the midst of the stone throwing, I spotted a rare gem of an intelligent observation.

I believe it was a young lady, who made the following point. Different people need different approach. For some, they do need to hear about God’s great love. For others, they do need to hear the call of repentance; hence the fire and brimstone approach.

After some thoughts, I felt a need to talk about what I’m doing on this blog site.  As a Christian blogger, the woman raised an interesting question. How should I share the Good News of Jesus?

For me, the focus of Inspiration Point has been on the love of God. It’s about sharing stories of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have helped me, in my struggles.  Yes, I do talk about content creation and some movie or book reviews; however, the main goal is to share Jesus.

We are called to a ministry of reconciliation

Why do I focus on the love of God, the Father; as expressed through the Son? Why don’t I jump into fire and brimstone? For one, I would suggest that you read 2 Corinthians 5:17-20.

Christians are not called to beat the crap out people. We’re called to tell of God’s great love and how God, the Father has reconciled us, through Christ Jesus.

For me, I already knew of the judgement of God; however, I knew nothing of the love of God.  Though I read my Bible; the idea of a loving Father was far from me. Heck, I even told my Father about my confusion about the fear of God and loving God. I actually needed someone, who could share the whole Gospel.

Did you know there is more to the Good News than a ticket to Heaven? It’s about a relationship with God, the Father that loves you. It’s because of His love that God, the Father sent Jesus. (See John 3:16-18)

It gets better. Because God loves you, it is a safe bet that God’s Spirit will help you in dealing with your personal issues. Did you notice the subtle hint at the need for repentance? 

How am I supposed to repent, if I know nothing of God’s perfect love for me? What is the point of grace, if I know not of God’s mercy and goodness. Do you get my point? By sharing God’s love, I am hoping to point the way to the One, who can save them.

For me, I think people know there is something wrong in them and they need help. They may not know that God does loves them and will help them. In this case, a touch of fire and brimstone is all that’s needed.

It’s time for the other shoe. Yes, God is love. Did you know that God is holy and just, too? As a kid, I learned about the holiness of God and it scared the crap out of me. I thought it was because of my birth defects; courtesy of Leviticus 21:16-24. In truth, it is really because of my sin nature. Without the shedding of blood, no one could come near because of the problem of sin.

Image result for Romans 3:23-24In the eyes of a holy and just God, my sins are as bad as everyone else. Why? God’s standard is perfect goodness and no human being can come close. It sounds scary. Right?

Do you really think that God, the Father is looking forward to throwing everyone to Hell? No, the lake of fire was never meant for human beings; rather it’s for Satan and his crew.

Because sin carries the penalty of death, God the Father sent Jesus to rescue us from this fate. It’s because of Jesus’ shed blood that I’m saved. The invitation is for you, too.

Do you recall my earlier comment about being afraid of approaching God? Because I am covered by the blood of Jesus, I am free to come boldly before the throne of God, the Father. I need no longer be afraid talking with my Father. For I know that God sees me, with eyes of love and compassion. (See Hebrews 4:16)

As in any relationship, it takes time to learn this truths. I, also came to see that my Father doesn’t see my disabilities like I do. Truth is, we’re the ones who see the flaws. Yet God wants to use us, as we are.

Image result for jesus stands at the door and knocks picture

Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me. (Rev 3:20)

Surprised? God, the Father doesn’t see you as worthless. You are a valuable pearl to my Father. You are so valuable and precious that God sent Jesus to purchase you. Jesus purchased you and me, with his blood.  According to Acts 4:12, it is only through Jesus that we may be saved. I would definitely encourage you to know Jesus.

Open the door and let Jesus into your heart. Ask Jesus to help you understand who he is. As you come to know Jesus, you will discover that Jesus is nothing like you’d expect.

In John 14:6, Jesus says that “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” I would encourage you to learn what Jesus means by this. There are two ways of doing this, prayer and reading the Bible. I’d suggest you do both.

Guess what? There is so much more and this article has only scratch the surface. Can you see why I’m passionate about sharing the love of God? Hope this blog post helps you. I’d love to know what other topics I can cover for you. Please leave a suggestion or comment in the comment section, below.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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  1. EXCELLENT BARRY,,,,we who are new creatures are born out of the Eternal Holy Perfection of God,,,,we,,,daily put on our Holy Perfection gifted to us by the cross of Christ,,,,we are seated in our Eternal Holy Perfection in Heaven as New Creatures and at the same time we put to death,,,we mortify this earthly tents of sin and death by the power of who we are as NEW CREATIONS,,,Hebrews 10 : 1,7,10,14,, Romans 13 : 14,,,Ephesians 4 : 24,,,James 1 : 18,,1 Peter 1 : 23,,,Gods Blessings to you,,,,,Joe

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