Stop Living In Fear or Anxiety!

Are you in a dark place and staring out a window? You Don’t have to live in fear.

Does this scene sound familiar to you? There is a group of people gathered inside a storm shelter. A fierce storm is supposedly on the horizon and these people were afraid of what may be coming. For some reason, the door is left partly open.

At some point, a large eagle is soaring high in the sky and sees the open door. The eagle spots potential food and dives into grab at some of the provisions. However, the eagle is thwarted because the people saw the eagle diving in for the food. Acting quickly, they closed the door before the eagle can reach them.

Oddly enough, no one took notice of the clear blue sky and the absence of any fierce storm.  These people were living in fear of what may be coming.  Theis fear held these people, as prisoners. Did you notice there is no mention of an actual storm warning?

Are you living in fear of what may be coming? Is there something that you are desiring to do and you’re afraid that it may not be the right time?I do know something of the fear of stepping out into the unknown. I’ve been there. Would you like some help?

A storm shelter is a great place to hide if there is an actual storm coming. However, you are not supposed to live your life in one.  Sooner or later, the tornado or other fierce storms will pass and you have to come outside. As for the above illustration, these people are hiding from a storm that never existed. It’s in their head.

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Courage is not the absence of fear. Rather, it is the triumph over fear.

Years ago, I was told “There are no guarantees in life. You need to step forward and take a risk.” They were quite right.  I was living in fear of doing the wrong thing. I was afraid of making mistakes, for fear of being condemned.  Though I had a willingness, I was a prisoner of my own fears.

How did I overcome my fears? Did you read what’s in the photo? Courage is not the absence of fear and it does not rush off, like a fool.

Courageous is the one who overcomes his or her fears and moves forward.  Yes, I was born with severe disabilities and I was going to have an extra hard time in life.  However, my disabilities are not a prison and it really didn’t stop me.  However, there was something that did.

It was my fear of getting it wrong. I though Social Work would be a great college major; as I enjoy the idea of helping people. However, I was afraid of pursuing this course of studies. For me, I felt very overwhelmed and afraid of going forward.

It’s not the only time that such fears kept me, from moving forward. I have experienced it, in areas of my life. When I accepted Jesus into my life, this fear did not vanish. Truth is, I needed to confront my fears and not run away.

I don’t know how God arranged it; however, something began to change in the late 90s. Because of the Internet, it was easier to connect with potential magazines. For one, it removed one of my false assumptions. They could not see me and have a wrong assumption about me.

Though it does happens, I was not helping the situation. I was projecting my assumptions on unsuspecting people and seeking validations for such false assumption. Do you recall what happens when we practice to assume?

Guess what? In my case, people can pick up on the many clues; however, they may  not get the full picture. As a freelance writer, I had conducted a few phone interviews with a software developer. I’m sure my voice was a give away.

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Humility is not thinking poorly of yourself or too highly of yourself.

Yet, the issue never came up. I could say the same thing of my Editor. I really did not have anything to prove! I simply needed to relax and build a God centered confidence. You build confidence by stepping out and taking risks.  There is a catch, though. You are learning to walk in God’s strength and not your own.

Another step is to learn to walk in humility. When someone learns to walk in real humility, there is less of a need to prove themselves. They are less likely to worry about other people’s opinions. I can assure you that this is not an easy lesson to learn.

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Proverbs 3:5 “Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding”

Here is another step that goes along with the above. Humility requires two things. It requires that your heart be teacable and a willingness to make mistakes.  I can still recall the phone call to a gay magazine. Thankfully, the Editor of this magazine kindly pointed me in the right direction.

If I’ve been a know-it-all then they guy would not have been of much help.  In truth, I really did need to learn the right way. I can honestly say, “It was my Father directing my steps.”

There is always something to learn about any endeavors. There is no escaping this simple fact. However, there is one that you can rely on for wise and right counsel.

I am speaking of Jesus. I would encourage you to talk with God, about your dreams and your fears.  At the same time, I’m not opposed to wise counsel. When God gave the vision of my writings; I talked with my pastor, Warren Stewart. I, also talked with another friend at First Institutional Baptist Church.

At the time, my blog and book were in the distant future. I thought my writings would be in the area of computer technology. I honestly didn’t get the religious symbols that I was shown. Yet, God is a true friend and a help in my journey to what I’m currently doing.

Over time, God brought the right people into my life. They helped in a few different ways. In some case, it was to confirm what God has shown me. I gained some needed insights on writing. In other cases, it was to supply inspirations for my many articles and the books. Yes, I am working on a second book.

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Faith says, “Do not be afraid, step forward and trust God.”

Faith is not the absence of risks. It would be foolish to claim otherwise. Faith does not say, “I believe” and I do nothing. It’s the opposite.

For faith to grow and strengthen, I need to step out and see the reality of God’s promises. How do I know? It is because I decided to pursue my calling and I stepped out in faith.

In doing so, God provided some role models to help me, in becoming a content creator. I am thankful for the hard work and conduct of Paul Soares Jr. and BdoubleO.

God, the Father knew of the inner healings that I’d need. It’s why I’ve been blessed by my church’s Sozo ministry. They did not just help in the inner healing process. I’ve also learned some tools to use in my writings.

It’s all because I got out of that storm cellar and pursue my goal of being a writer. God, the Father wants to do the same thing for you.  As Jesus is the door and no one can come to the Father except through Jesus; I would start with Jesus. Let Jesus come and help you.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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