Let’s Talk About My Vision Statement

Do you know the vision for my blog site, Inspiration Point? Do you know what is meant by a vision statement? Business and churches aren’t the only ones, who benefit from these statements.

When I started blogging, it didn’t take long to discover the value of one for my blog site. I’d like to share with you, the value of creating your own vision statement.

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A Useful Comment Can Help In A Sea of Negativity

Do you know that your comment or feedback can greatly help someone; even if you are not entirely interested in the blog site or YouTube channel? Yes, we do like hearing positive feedback; however, constructive criticism can be helpful, too. It could help fine tune the content appearing on the blog or YouTube channel or point to potential problems. My goal is to show the value of a good comment; even if it seems negative.

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Healthy Habits For Growing Your Blog or YouTube Channel

Some time ago, I saw an interesting tweet on my Twitter timeline. Jeff Goins mentioned an article about growing your blog site.  Since I am a blogger, it is natural that I should visit.  Within seconds, I am confronted by a “Subscribe to blog site” popup.  Sadly, I am on…

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