Even Bikers Know There’s More To Church!

What do you think of when you hear of a church meeting? Would you ever think of a motorcycle club calling their meetings, a church? The other day, I had someone tell me this very thing.

However, it is not just a meeting of bikers. They spend time with each other and share what is going on in their lives. I suspect there were some real friendships in that club. At least, I hope they are building real friendships.

I had a sense that these bikers had a better idea of church than some religious types. What are they doing that different than many church-goers on Sunday? It is called “fellowship”!

What am I talking about?

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The Gift of Help

When I took the Wagner’s Spiritual Gifts Inventory, the “gift of help” was one of my spiritual gifts. This gift can be defined as a strong desire to help other people. How does one go about developing such a spiritual gift? The gift of “help” is both easy and yet…

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