The Good Muslim

One day, there was a young man who lived on the outskirts of Dearborn, Michigan.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning and he was heading to Calvary Chapel church for their morning service.  He had been a Christian, for many years and was considering the parable of “The Good Samaritan” as told by Jesus.

“Who would Jesus have called my neighbors, today?” the young man asked himself.  As he was driving down a lonely highway, he notices some steam coming out from the hood of the car. “I better pull over, fast”, the man thought.

When the young man pulled over, the car suddenly died on the spot.  He was stranded and did not have his cell phone.  He was some miles from any help.  After waiting 10 minutes, he began considering his next step.

A car was suddenly heard, speeding down the highway.  The man saw that the car weaving all over the road; the driver was drunk. The dunk hit the man’s car and kept going.  The reckless driver was unaware of hitting another car or that someone may have been injured.

The young man was badly banged up by the collision.  After the shock wore off, the man realized that he was in a lot of pain and in need of help.  The young man quickly prayed that God would send someone to help.

And by chance, the pastor, from Calvary Chapel appeared. The pastor had been listening to Glenn Beck’s message about “Faith”, “Hope” and “Charity”. Glenn’s last message was about helping each others; rather than relying on big government.

The pastor agreed with much of what Glenn was saying and thought it would make a great message on Sunday. The pastor saw the car accident; however, the pastor kept driving.  He did not bother to stop. “I’m in a hurry. Perhaps, someone has already called.”

The young man recognized his pastor’s car and was shocked to see the man go right pass him.

A few minutes later, the young man saw another car.  It was the pastor, from a United Methodist church.  This pastor has been reading articles by Jim Wallis, of Sojourners magazine. Jim has written stories on the need for compassions and putting to practice the teachings of Jesus.  Jim’s message was not too far off from Glenn.

The United Methodist Church pastor saw the car accident and kept driving.  He was too busy worrying about today’s message and kept going.  Like the earlier driver, the pastor thought “I’m in a hurry. Perhaps, someone else has already called.”

The young man was becoming discouraged.  “Is anyone going to stop?  Or does anyone care?” he wonders.  He was still in pain and in need of help. Ten minutes later, he hears the sound of a third car.  “Is this guy going to pass by, or what?” he asks.

To his amazement, the third car came to a stop.  As the driver got out of his car, the young man got a good view of his rescuer.  It was a middle aged Arab man, who was dressed in traditional Muslim attire.

The Muslim was on his way to visit some family, near Dearborn. When he saw the accident, the Arab had compassion for the driver.  He stopped and sought to help.  The Arab checked the driver’s side door and found that he could open the door, with some effort.

In a calm and gentle tone, the Arab said, “Don’t worry; I am here to help you.” The Muslim could see that the young man is badly banged up and in some degree of pain.  “You looked pretty banged up.  Can you move any parts of your body?” he asked.

The young man found that he could physically move around; however he was going to need help.  The Arab gingerly helped the young man out of the car. The Arab then helped the young man get into his car.

The Arab drove the young man, over to a nearby Mount Sinai hospital and checked him into the Emergency Room. “Don’t worry; I am not going to leave you.  We’re going to make sure you get help.”

The Arab takes him into the Emergency Room and has the young man sit down.  The Muslim goes over to the main desk and talks with the attendant.

“I have a young man who’s in serious need of medical help.  Can you please have someone see him?  I’ll pay for his medical expenses. The young man has already been through enough.” He goes back and sit with the young man.  He tells the young man, “I already took care of your medical bills.”

A couple of hours later, the young man was seen by the Emergency Room personnel.  It became clear that the young man would have to spend the night, for observation.  All this time, the Arab never left his side.  Now, it was time to leave.

Before the young man was checked into a private room, the Arab asked “Is there someone I can call for you? I will see, if I can get someone to tow your car, to a garage.”  The young man gave a friend’s phone # to the Arab.

“Thank you for your help,” the young man said.  “No problem.  Oh, here is your Bible.  I left it at the page you were reading. I read the story, before.  Jesus is a very wise prophet,” replies the Muslim.

Hours later, the young man decided to do some reading.  He saw the page was turned to the parable of the ““The Good Samaritan”.  As he finished reading and asked “Who is my neighbor, today?” It was then that he heard a familiar gentle voice in his heart.

“Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbor to you, today?” asked the gentle voice.

And he said, “The one who showed mercy toward me.” Then Jesus said to the young man, “Go and do the same.”

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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