Oh Parents! They Can Hear You!!

Related imageSome time ago, I came across an interesting comment left on Twitter.  It seems the young man’s parents were arguing about something and he was the subject of the discussion. Though he was not in the same room; the young man heard every word. I hope the parents did not see the tweet; then again, they probably should see it.  It may prod them to consider what is coming out of their mouths.

It’s not because I want the guy to get in trouble. I am guessing the parents were talking loudly and they could easily be heard in another room.  Here is a pearl of wisdom, for young parents. Don’t broadcast your arguments in earshot of the children. They can hear you; even if they are downstair in the basement.

Image result for Children can hear parents arguingWhat is the problem? So, they overhear their parents.  Have you ever listened to yourself when you’re yelling? It’s cute and fun to see such antics on television or in a YouTube video.  However, it is not fun to see and hear your parents doing it, in reality. It can only create a lot of stress and anxiety when you don’t need it.

Why do you suppose young people are drawn to certain YouTube creators.  It’s because they may well be trying to escape the insanity happening at home. For me, my escapes were found in various books.  The Bible is not the book that I read. I was definitely into science fiction novels, superhero comics, and fantasy novels.

What can you do? Are the kids in the house? If you are a parent then I’d suggest that you lower your voice. Your kids will hear you. There is nothing wrong with discussing a problem; however, you don’t need to yell.  There is a difference and your kids will pick up on it.

Your tone of voice does matter and it’s not just about volume. Your tone of voice will often influence how your kids interpret things. Please recall, young children are not miniature adults. They can’t process things in the same fashion, as a mature adult. Then again, they can tell a great deal from your tone of voice.

Image result for praying for your parentsHey! My parents argue, from time to time. I can tell if they’re upset and I can understand some of it.  What the heck can I do?  For one, you can pray for your parents. Ask Jesus to help your parents, with whatever is going on. If you do know something about the issue then pray to God and talk with him.

When my parents argued, they tried not to let us hear it. Why? They loved us and they did not want their children to be upset by it. If it’s bothering you then you should say something.  The same thing applies to a single parent household.

Talk with your parents about it and ask, “How can I pray for you?”  Outside of prayer, I don’t have any other advice for young people.  Did I know to pray for my parents? No, I did not know.  I was not in a youth group, at a local church or a place where I could have learned.

Image result for praying for your parentsAre you a youth worker or a youth pastor? I want to encourage you to talk with the kids, about prayer.  It’s one of the most powerful things that they can do.  It may not solve all the problems; it’s a good starting point. Children need to learn that God does care about their home situation and Jesus can help them.

Do you recall the opening scene of It’s A Wonderful Life? The movie began with a tapestry of prayers, from a wide variety of people.  Some prayers were simple prayer and other people offered elaborate prayer.  The prayers were all for a single man, named George Bailey. Do you recall the one person, who’s prayer rocketed to the top? It the prayer of a small child.

Prayer is powerful and God can definitely hear the prayers of children.  You don’t have to be elaborate or well versed in Scripture. Faith is often the key to any prayers offered to God. When you know that God loves you then it’s so much easier to approach him.

What if, I’m the parent? How does this help me? It’s the same principle. Here’s a suggestion that I heard, when I listened to a video from Riverside Church in Three Rivers, Michigan.  Pastor Paul Booko has been married for many years.  On occasions, Paul would give the following suggestion; as it worked for him.

Image result for Couples that pray togetherHe and his wife would go into their own prayer closets and pray for each other.  Did you notice the emphasis on “for“?  Is the spouse being a little stubborn on something?  Bring it to God and ask Jesus to deal with the issue. It works both ways. You need to listen to what God is saying to you.

After their quiet time of prayer, Paul and his wife would come together and they would pray with each other.  One thing is certain, they probably prayed for their children.  Guess what? Their kids saw it and it had a long lasting effect on them.

It doesn’t mean that your kids won’t get into serious trouble.  However, your kids will have learned a foundational truth that could help in the long run. Have you not heard? Have you not read Proverbs 22:6 – “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Good blog writing requires that I stay on one or two topics.  As an intercessor, I am naturally drawn to the importance of prayer.  It’s a great way to deal with many of the tensions found in many homes. Not everyone has a safe home environment and it’s why I’m pointing young people to prayer.

There is another topic that I should talk about and it’s forgiveness.  It’s precisely what the 27 year old young man did with his parents.  Don’t hold on to your anger.  Forgive them and pray for your parents.  Don’t be afraid to ask God, for wisdom.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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