Thoughts And Prayer Strategies for the November 4 Protest

We’re not wrestling with flesh & blood; rather it’s spiritual power and principality.

This morning, I read a prayer posted to my timeline. My friend mentioned a protest march scheduled to occur on November 4. If you are like me then it may be the first time that you have heard of it. What’s going on? Why am I writing about it, on this blog site?

I appreciated my friend bringing it up in prayer and he’s right to do so. It alerted me to potential trouble and there is a whole lot of negativity attached to the planned protest.  How do I know?  Am I for these guys or what?

I did some research and found the site mentioned in the image. I would not suggest visiting the site, if you are prone to anger, fear and anxiety.  It’s an ANTIFA site and I can see the fear and anxiety written all over the proposed protest.

For the record, I am referencing an article posted on their site by Andy Zee. It’s dated in August of this year. I did some further research and found an article on Newsweek’s site and it’s called “ANTIFA wages Civil War, according to Right Wing Conspiracy“.  It seems the planned protest is supposed to be peaceful.  Here is an article from a different perspective, “Deep State Planning an Anti-Trump Protest in 14 Cities” by Z3 News.

I would encourage you to read both articles; so you can get a balanced perspective on this upcoming event and you’ll have a better understanding of what I’m going to suggest. I have no problem with the idea of protesting; as it’s a part of this country’s history. The right to peacefully protest is easily found in the First Amendment of the US Constitution:

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Though I do support their right to peacefully protest and I’m glad for the publicity. I don’t have to agree with it. I do believe that President Trump is a loudmouth and needs to think before talking. However, I don’t buy the “Trump is a Fascist” line. Really?  I don’t think so!

If not for a free press, I would not be able to offer this simple suggestion. It’s to pray for those people, who are involved in the protests scheduled for November 4.  Newsweek is talking about potential violence from right-wing extremists and Z3 warns of the potential for violence by left-wing extremists.

Here is my opinion and my suggestion. I’ll make it, real simple! It’s a trap! I’ve been doing research on YouTube and it seems people are feeding on the fear and anxiety produced by this upcoming event. Some people are threatening violence if the protesters start something. Yet, they are blind to the danger of reacting in anger. They don’t see the trap that has been set.

Read 1 Peter 3:9

I would suggest some alternative strategies for dealing with the ANTIFA protest. These people think we’re living in a fascist regime; courtesy of Donald Trump. They are living in fear of what they believe the current president would do. Sometimes, it is best to not retaliate and conduct a counter-protest.

Learn from the Charlottesville incident! In this case, it is the right-wing extremist who did the protesting. Someone got the bright idea of inviting ANTIFA. It was a recipe for violence. The two groups were looking for an opportunity to fight.  We have the same exact situation occurring on November 4. Let’s not have a repeat and engage violence with violence.

Let’s the police and authority take care of the protesters. The last thing they need is a bunch of hotheads. If you need a starting point for prayer then I just gave you one.  Pray for the police and the protesters.

Haven’t you heard? Have you not read? There is a spiritual warfare happening in this country and it is one fueled by fear and hatred. These spiritual forces feed on people’s fear and frustration in what they are seeing and hearing on the news and social media. By the way, these spiritual forces are not stupid. They are attacking both sides with lies and deceptions.

Yet, we are not helpless victims. With God’s help, we can pray for the police to have supernatural wisdom in dealing with the huge # of protesters. Pray for the protesters and do not complain about them. Try blessing them, instead! Let’s put into practice the things Jesus taught.

Pray that the spirit of anger has nothing to grab a hold of and start a riot! Without fuel, a fire goes out and cooler heads can prevail. You can also pray that the protesters find better ways to deal with the issues. Protests can bring attention to a problem; however, it doesn’t resolve it.  Wise and good actions needs to be taken to actually effect changes.

Where am I getting these bright ideas? Believe it or not, I have gotten plenty of good ideas by reading the Bible. For its antiquity, the Scripture is very much ahead of its time. Sadly, men have twisted different Scriptures to fit their own agenda; nevertheless, it doesn’t take away from the Bible’s potential for sparking great reforms.

So far, I mentioned the police and the protesters. How about the media? I am talking about all three cable news networks: Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.  The job of the media is not to just report the news. It’s has a secondary purpose. They are to provide a check on the leaders in Washington DC. What about the bias?

Ask Jesus to bring about serious reforms in the media! I’ve no problem with CNN being liberal or Fox News being conservative. It’s a good thing as we need to hear both sides.  The practice of slanting the news to fit an agenda is an old one. It’s a practice that needs to end. Ever heard of William Randolph Hearst? He would be proud of what has been happening on both sides.

Irresponsible members of the media have been stoking this whole anti-Trump hysteria. It’s a repeat of what happened with President Obama and certain conservatives. Do you recall the Tea Party? They were all about protesting the great Socialist, President Obama. I do recall it and it’s the same rhetorics.

One media outlet praised the Tea Party and they were blind to any problems. Yet, the other media outlets went ballistics over these guys. It’s 2017 and Donald Trump is the current President of the United States. It seems history is repeating itself. Let’s pray that this cycle of fear stoking would stop. Let’s ask God to replace it, with a new method of reporting the news. It allows bias; however, it is rooted in a desire for the honest truth

Remember, the protesters have the same problems as the Tea Party. They are so wrapped up in their fear and hysteria over President Trump and they need freedom and clear thinking. The same thing can be said of the Tea Party and their fear of former President Obama. It’s okay to disagree with Trump or Obama; however, you should not live in terror of a potential police state.

Isn’t it time, we prayed aggressively against these spiritual forces that are in operation in this country? By aggressive, I am speaking of “storming the heavens”. I’m not talking about patty cake style prayers. Pray for God’s Light and Mercy to shine on and shower over everyone involved in the protest on November 4. Pray for God’s Justice to be delivered on those, who would do evil on that day.

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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