Transform Your Frustrations Into Prayer and Positive Action!

Let’s face it. Everyone struggles with frustrations, of one type or another type. If you don’t have frustrations then I must ask a question. Do you have a pulse? Are you alive? If you answered in the affirmative then you have your own share of frustrations. As a blogger and writer, I have plenty of frustrations with the growth of my blog site and it’s a good thing.

I for one, give thanks to God for the frustrations encountered in my writing endeavors. How so? Am I claiming that God is the source of my frustrations?  No, my Father is not the source of my frustration; rather I am the source of my own frustration.

In James 1:17, James says:

17 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

How can I call frustration, a good thing, in light of the above quote? For one, frustration is no a gift; rather it is the result of unmet expectations. As a blogger, I have a responsibility to write engaging articles designed to help the readers, in overcoming negativity.

Is anyone reading this blog post?

It’s frustrating when I don’t see comments or feedback on what I have written. If not for Google Analytics, I would have a difficult time in justifying writing anything. Yes, this frustration can also affect the writing of a second book.

A blog is a tool used by writers to grow their audience and it can increase the likelihood of future book sales. Without useful criticisms, I would have difficulty knowing the success of my articles.

How is frustration, a good thing? The key is in your responses to your frustrations. We get frustrated when something doesn’t go as we would like or think. It can easily lead to dissatisfaction and anger at unmet expectations.

So, I will pose a question. Why not turn your frustrations into prayers? How about taking positive steps to dealing with your frustrations? Why not do something about it, in a positive sense? Each of these questions requires a common first step.

Constructive Criticism v. Destructism Criticism

They each require humility. A couple of years ago, I went to a blog critique group on Reddit. I needed honest feedback on my writings. Someone kindly pointed out my writing errors and a need for a clear voice. I am grateful for the feedback; as it leads to the use of Grammarly. It is a web-based grammar checker.

No grammar checker is perfect and I needed to do my own proofreading and editing of my blog posts. You see, I had to be willing to be challenged. By doing so, I have seen improvement in my writings.

Pride would balk at the mention of any problems and fuel frustration to a greater degree. Humility asks “What am I doing, right? What am I doing, wrong?” Such questions point to a willingness to learn and grow.

Read James 1:2-4

Here is a second ingredient for transforming your frustrations into positive actions or prayers. It is called “patience”. Where did I get this idea? For one, it comes from practical experience and the Word of God. It’s all boils down to your heart’s attitude.

I know of a few YouTube personalities, who have over a million subscribers. They did not get there, overnight or in a few months. It took a few years to arrive at that lofty position and they were not seeking it. Rather, the focus is on producing quality videos that everyone can enjoy.

John and Paul achieved success because of their hard work, due diligence, and patience.  It is not easy to sit down and create an entertaining video for YouTube. It can easily require several hours of preparation, editing, and uploading of such video. That’s just one video! How about 5 videos, per week? 

Patience speaks of commitment and a willingness to press on. With patience, it is possible to work through our frustration. How so? 

If you are patient then you’re not going to be deterred by your frustrations. Rather, you’re more likely to step back and see clearly what’s wrong. Patience is not the same thing as insanity.

Patience sees the brick wall and says, “Let’s not give up. Let’s find a different solution.” Insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting to see a different result. Do you see the difference?

I would like to thank you for your perseverance in reading this article. 😉 Did you know perseverance is the third ingredient in transforming your frustrations into positive actions and prayers? Perseverance is not the same thing as patience. Rather, it means “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success”

Don’t give up because something proves hard or difficult. This blog site has been a very difficult challenge for me and I’m not talking about my disabilities. I had to overcome a wide range of hurdles and a desperate need for guidance. That is correct. I didn’t have a clue; especially since I am not in a popular niche where I can generate cash.

I suffered because of a lack of confidence, poor writing skills and a host of other problems. In spite of my obstacles, I pressed onward and I had a willingness to go forward. I would never have made it, if not for God, the Father’s help. It is Jesus, who gave me the strength to continue.

It is because of perseverance, I am willing to sit down and learn from other people. It is why I have an appreciation for the good character demonstrated in Paul Soares Jr and John. I learned more through their conducts than anything else. This attitude is in sharp contrast to a person, who just go blindly forth and is unwilling to learn.

It doesn’t stop there. Over time, I have been blessed by pearls of wisdom from different people. These pearls came from people, who I have met in person, over the Internet, and through boos. Do you know what else happens when you persevere? How does confidence sound to you? 

This year, I made a commitment to write two articles per week. For me, it proved a challenge because I have been rather negligent.  At this point in time, I can confidently say that I did a good job in following through. Do you think my confidence grew? It did grow and my article’s quality improved, too.

Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-9

Keep in mind, frustrations do not mean failure. It simply means that something is not going as you expected. You just need to step back and get a fresh perspective. It can come in the form of a trusted friend or you can ask God. Don’t be afraid to talk with God about your frustration. Be willing to listen and take positive action, though.

Don’t lose heart because of your frustrations. Keep moving forward and be not afraid to ask Jesus, for guidance. You may need to rethink your strategy or acquire a new set of skills.

As I already pointed out. Turn your frustrations into prayers; rather than an opportunity to complain. Are you struggling with this idea? Ask Jesus to help you with it. You are not alone! Do you not know that you have a Heavenly Father who genuinely loves you and cares about you? Yes, God cares about your frustrations and can help. You have to ask, though.

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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