What Need To Change?

What needs to change on this site? If you are trying to grow a blog site then you need to ask this question. Don’t kid yourself. It is a question that is worth asking, from time to time. What does this mean for Inspiration Point?

For one, I hope you notice the new tagline in the site header image. If not, it says “Overcoming The Effects of Negativity Through The Love of Christ Jesus” Hopefully, this will bring clarity to the site and tell site visitors what to expect.

As a blogger, I am aware of the need for such a clear statement about a blog or web site; however, it takes time to develop an effective tagline.  Here is an easy example and why it can go through many revisions.

If you don’t know, there are tons of cooking related blogs and web sites. Like me, they are all starving for attention. An effective tagline helps you to stand out from the massive herd of sites. An effective tagline’s job is to sell your site to passing visitors. It can also provide a clue of what to expect.

Guess what? My current tagline has gone through 3 or 4 revisions. I started with a general idea and I stepped forward with a basic goal. As I moved forward, my vision for this blog site became clearer and clearer.  Is the tagline still pointing to what I’ve already written? Yes.

The tagline is not the only thing that has changed. Lately, I have felt a strong need to take my writings to the next level.  If you read through most of my blog posts then you will discover the obvious theme of my blog site.  It’s overcoming negativity in its many forms.

Let’s face it. People are hurting and they are seeking help in overcoming depression, rejection, fear of criticism and other forms of negativity. Why do you think Joel Olsteen and Joyce Meyers are so popular? It’s because they are addressing a felt need. Because of this felt need, people can become vulnerable to all kinds of junk teachings.

My goal has always been to write articles that help people in their needs and point to the One, Who can actually help. Will I still cover topics related to creating contents for the Internet? From time to time, I will undoubtedly still write on this topic.

The Christian community has a wide variety of voices that needs to be heard and the Internet is a great platform. Since I first wrote on this topic, I have seen a definite interest in this topic. It is why I have written on the topic of content creation. In case you missed it, these articles are generally written from a Christian perspective. For this reason, I’ll leave “Content Creation” as a top level menu item.

If you look at the “Articles” menu then you will discover seven other categories. I have created these categories in an effort to stay focus and organize my time. I will still write articles relating to these categories. Here is what is going to change.

For one, I will disable the submenu for “Article” and “Content Creation”. Secondly, I felt a real need to research topics relating to these categories. For instance, I’m not a parent and I feel a need to share helpful articles in this areas. Guess what? I need to research the issue; so I can write effectively on it.

The same principle applies to the other categories. A catchy title will only take you, so far. It’s a well-written article speaking to a visitor’s need that will keep them. Hopefully, they will come back and read other topics on one’s site.

That last set of statements is not an easy process. It takes time to truly learn it; as opposed to merely hearing it. At best, I would have had a foreknowledge of the above truth. Yet, it would not have negated the need for the learning process.

My original goal for “Content Creation” is to help prospective bloggers and YouTubers on their journey of discovering.  If you’re looking for ideas in this area then I’d suggest looking at “Content Creation”.  It is still useful; even if you’re not a Christian.

I would love to get your inputs on potential topics relating to the categories found in the “Articles” sub menu.  Mind you, the overall goal is to help overcome the effects of negativity through the love of Jesus Christ. I will do my best to research the topics; as they come up.

Barry Brindisi

Author of “You Are Not A Lesser Human”.

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