Why Should You Care About the YouTube Ads Controversy?

Image result for Youtube advertiser boycottFor the past month or so, a controversy has been brewing in the YouTube community and it has a direct impact on the livelihood of many YouTube content creators.  What am I talking about? If you’re using AdBlock then you probably haven’t noticed the dwindling # of ads on your favorite YouTube channels.

Yes, major advertisers are pulling their ads from YouTube. Here is an article that I found on The Verge. What is The Verge? It’s is an online source for tech news and they have a good history of being straightforward in their reporting. I could try and give you the background; however, The Verge already has that covered. Please read”YouTube is facing a full-scale advertising boycott over hate speech” for a good summary of what has been happening.

On the surface, it sounds great.  Advertisers should be able to define their audience by the type of videos.  If I had an ad for my book, there are channels that would be a very bad mix.  According to The Verge, Google is working on a simplified system for advertisers.  However, there is still a major problem and it’s one that I’d like to talk about.Has anyone thought of the YouTubers?  This morning, I did a search on this very topic.  Everyone is talking about the big advertising boycott of Google.  However, I barely saw anyone talking about the content creators. Patrick of The Firearm Blog is one person and here’s the article, “YouTube Gun Channels Are In Danger.

Wait a minute? This is not a pro-gun blog site! Why do you care about someone else? It is true. I am not a gun enthusiast and I doubt Patrick’s friends would appreciate my views on military assault rifles in the hands of the average person. However, we do have a common problem and I’m glad that they’re saying something.

Here is the problem and it’s why I am writing this article.  Did you know there are many content creators, who earn a living by creating YouTube video? I would like to encourage you to listen to this young man. He is one of the many family friendly YouTubers, out there. This video is designed to help viewers understand what is going on, with all the boycotting.

Welsh gave some very solid advice, for his fellow content creators. Before I go into any of it, I would like to add my own suggestions.  There is no way that I am the only Christians who enjoys watchinng YouTube videos. No, I don’t just watch Bible related YouTube videos.  Do you?  Here is what I’d suggest and it is a good starting point.

I would encourage you, to pray for your favorite YouTubers.  They are under an increasing amount of pressure to perform or create something that is shocking or sensational.  Why do you think they have to create those ridiculous clickbait titles?  Ask Jesus, “How can I pray for this person that I enjoy?” Let the Holy Spirit guide you in your prayer.

Over they years, I have found some YouTubers will share what is on their heart.  It does not always happens; as they tend to be private.  If you choose to ask then I’d suggest that you send a private message. Don’t ask it in the comment section.  Let the person know that you care about the person and you’re praying for them.  Ask God about the best approach, beforehand.

Did you turn on the video?  At the beginning, Welsh clearly explains how the system is supposed to work.  According to WelshKnight, there is a large pool of available ads that get sent out to individual channels.  How do they get ads? It is all based on an algorithm that looks at titles, tags and descriptions. 

Is your favorite YouTuber’s channel, family friendly? If so, the algorithm and advertisers will love them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop certain people from acting in malicious fashion.  Hence, I strongly suggest praying for certain YouTubers.  Some creators have been open about their faith in God and they run the risk of attacks.  I’ll give you, a hint.  Their channels are not all “Christian” channels.  Some Christians are running “Let’s Play” gaming channels.

Here is another way to support your favorite YouTubers.  Disable AdBlock for that person’s channel! Why?  When an ad shows up on a video, the YouTuber will earn a certain amount of money.  Of course, the YouTuber needs to have a large audience for the person to earn a decent living and work full time, as a YouTuber.  Guess what AdBlock does?  No ads, no money for the poor YouTuber. By the way, YouTube is very easily a real job. It’s not just a hobby.

Here is another way to help your favorite YouTuber.  It’s called words of encouragement.  These words can be priceless; especially since they have to wade through a sewage of trash talk to find such treasures. If you’re gifted in the prophetic then I’d encourage you to offer up such words. Although, I’d suggest that you do it, in private.  As always, you should ask God, the Father first.

You may also want to see, if the content creator is a member of Patreon or a site that allows you to donate to that person’s channel.  Another tactic is to see if they have any available merchandises.  I know some very talented musicians, who should put their music on YouTube. If they create a music CD then they can sell the CD, too.

As Welshknight pointed out, there are a plenty of YouTubers that are seriously hurting because of this boycott.  They are under a great deal of stress because of the smaller # of ads available for showing on their channels.  I would definitely encourage the Christian community to get involved.  If you think this event will drive out the bad apples?  Think, again!

It’s the opposite!  The good YouTubers will be forced to make a difficult decision and potentially leave a very legit job creating worthwhile videos.  The bad apples don’t give a damn! They will just keep on going! Will you stand by and let the good apple die off and leave? Will you stand up and care about the good apples, who are genuinely trying to make a difference in this world?

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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