Would You Like a YouTube Video That Saved A Life?

Image result for YoutubeHave you read the news from the NY Post? I visited a friend’s twitter profile and he was commenting on a tragic news story.  It seems the Post knows how to grab attention; especially with this title: Diabolical parents blasted for cruel pranks that make their kids cry. I will give you this forewarning, you are not going to like the video.

Yes, the parents were doing this, on their YouTube channel. It would be easy to go on a tirade and join the witch hunt for bad YouTube channels. I am certain that plenty will click on the news story to find out, “What the heck happened?”  Yet, I will tell you that not all YouTube is far from Sodom & Gomorrah.

There are good and decent YouTubers operating family friendly YouTube channels. In fact, one such person had a hand in saving my mother’s life. He’s my age and lives in the New England area. Yet, I am living in New Jersey. How could he pull that off? Would you like to read such a story? Would you even share it?

What happened? My church has a room dedicated to prayer. We call it, Shore House of Prayer or S-HOP.  On Thursday, I would join my friends in praying for our region or the nations. On that fateful day, we stayed late and I didn’t get home til after 8pm.  My mother had been out, earlier. She had gone out to Red Lobster, with her nephew.

When I came home, she was making coffee and complained of a headache.  She was going to watch some television and hit the sack. She really didn’t feel well. For me, it was close to 9:00pm and I was pretty tired from a long day. Typically, I’d have taken out my hearing aid and hit the sack. It’s a good thing that I didn’t go right to bed.

Though I am not into video games, I have taken to watching a certain YouTuber named Paul Soares Jr. He runs a clean and family-friendly YouTube channel. The man is more of a storyteller and entertainer than a gamer.  I’ve actually taken a liking to this guy and it’s a good thing that I chose to watch his video, that night.

God knew of what was coming that evening. I am glad that I listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to watch Paul’s video. At the end of Paul’s video, I heard a loud thud. It happened minutes after the end of the YouTube video.

It’s a good thing that I was awake and wearing my hearing aid.  The thud sounded like it came from my mother’s room.  The room was dark and I didn’t think to turn on the light. I didn’t see her; so I check the living room.  I realized what happened and found my mother on the floor, by the bed.  She was not coherent and I sense a need to call 911.

I had originally though my mother had fallen. No, she had a brain aneurysm that resulted in a stroke. I called my brother, immediately after calling for the ambulance.  The brain aneurysm did not just affect her left side. It apparently caused vascular dementia. It was definitely a long night, for my family and I.

Related imageAccording to the doctors, our mother should have died.  That is how serious the stroke was. By God’s grace and provision, my mother is alive.  Yes, my Father used a humble YouTuber and my interest in a silly video game called Minecraft.

I am certain that God did more than that. I am thankful for God’s provisions and help. They came in the form of family, friends and some unlikely YouTube personalities.

Barry Brindisi

Author of "You Are Not A Lesser Human".

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